What Does Your Bedroom Inspire?

Creating a bedroom conducive to the feelings you want to feel when you are in the space is absolutely a surface level thing. But I have come to learn that some things are worked on from the inside out and some are from the outside in and sometimes both at the same time. There is no perfect formula for transforming a life or relationship.

I talk to couples all the time that want something better, something more from their relationship and their lives.

A few of the things we often crave are….

Deeper connection

Better sex (or at least existent)

More peace


I often think of my own relationship as a “soft place to fall”. When the world feels like it is beating me up, or if I am beating myself up, my husband tends to be just what my weary soul needs. It’s often vice versa when he needs support I provide that for him. (No, that wasn’t always the case.)

Creating a bedroom that inspires the feelings we want to feel is a great “outside-in” tool that, when we pay attention to what we create, will help us to be more intentional about our lives and relationships.

First question would be, what do you want to feel like in your bedroom?

Here are a few ideas to help you decide. It may be a mix of a couple of them.










I could go on but hopefully you get the idea.

Look at your bedroom. What is it inspiring now? What can you do to create the feeling you want it to have? Start small and simple. Add a candle. Make your bed. Clean your fan (preaching to myself on that one). Buy a new throw that’s super soft and cuddly. Do something, anything will create intention which will lead to something more.

Let your bedroom become the doorway to something greater. Don’t overthink it just start creating.

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