Let's Talk About Sex

Sometimes I get embarrassed to tell people that one of the things I coach around is sex.

Let’s get real though…. EVERYONE wants to talk about it. They may not want to admit that they do, but they do. I’ve decided to barrel through the embarrassment and talk anyway.


If you aren’t having it, you know this.

If you are having it, you also know this.


I have been married over half my life and I have realized that the health of our marriage can easily be gauged by our sex life.

It is CRUCIAL to a healthy marriage to have GOOD sex!!!

So the question is…… what is “GOOD sex”?

I would love to hear your opinion and I’ll give you mine.

GOOD sex is connected sex. It is deep, intimate, open conversation. It is sharing our deepest desires and needs. It is sharing our darkest secrets. It is letting go of even an ounce of the desire to “perform” while holding closely the desire to connect emotionally, physically, even spiritually.

It means letting go of any goal and being totally present to the moment you are in.

It is allowing the conditioning we received about it unravel. That is a tough one but the reality is God is PRO SEX. If you are Christian and you don’t believe that statement please go read the Song of Solomon and reconsider. I know that if you have believed “sex is bad” for the first 20+ years of your life you can’t all of a sudden switch to “sex is good”, our brains do not work that way. Deep beliefs take time and intentionality to change.

If you ever experienced sexual trauma there can be extreme difficulty believing a positive narrative about sex. I know! But that can be changed also. Sex can be amazing no matter what you have experienced.

If you cannot imagine sex like this but you think it sounds amazing let’s talk. Click here to access my online calendar. I would love to have a free discovery call with you to explore creating changes that would give you the sex life you dream of.

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