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Some of us take a little time to figure out who we want to be when we grow up.  Forty two years and here I am, having yet to figure that one out.  I am finally willing to embrace this journey, filled with twists and turns, very little "getting it together".  Yet there are no regrets in my life!  I have walked into, through, and around many lessons that I cannot imagine who I would be without.  Sooo...welcome to my tiny space in the universe where I hope to share some of the insights I have learned or am learning.  Perhaps I can help you avoid a pitfall, or make you feel better about the one you are in because I have spent plenty of time feeling alone in my crazy.  It's nice to feel like someone gets us.

This space, my website and blog, will be a place that we can talk about the deeper places in our lives.  I will share my heart with you, I hope you reciprocate.  I am not much of a fan of small talk these days.  Writing about recipes and decorating has lost its appeal, I think I'm just getting old. If you are looking for that I do have another blog here that I have posted lots of random things on.  If you read it you will realize how completely spastic I truly am!   

If you are wondering what you can expect from this blog, my hope is that it will be inspiration for those of us that long for authentic human connection.  I read numerous blogs by Christian writers that are filled with opinions and controversy.  I do have strong opinions about many things but have come to realize that things that divide do not bring anyone closer to Christ.  My ultimate goal is to shine a light on what God is doing in my life because I have found that usually someone, besides just myself, can benefit.  Love is my mantra..... if my words leave others feeling less than loved I have failed.  So welcome!  I hope the words I share help you in some small way.  Please take a look at my Massage and Yoga pages so perhaps, if you are in my area, we can connect in person one day.  



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