2014 Highlights

What a freaking year!!! Here are 14 highlights of 2014 in my life...

#1 - I became a massage therapist.

#2 - Partly because of #1, I became comfortable with my body.  It's kind of necessary in this profession especially during training.  Hint....EVERYONE has a little cellulite, it's a totally normal occurrence and realizing that helps me see that wanting to be completely rid of it is NOT normal.  

#3 - I became a Holy Yoga instructor

#4 - I realized that I have been really hard on people in my life, especially the ones I love most.  Ouch, letting that go!

#5 - I began the process of learning to "BE STILL and know that HE is God."  

#6 - Began to understand that my relationship with God is a journey.  I have not arrived and will not until this life is over.  

#7 - Because of #6 I realize that everyone's journey is different.  Just because it's a little disappointing when someone doesn't choose the same path as I, God is still on the path with them and the ONLY thing I can do is love, pray,and give them the space to experience God in their own way. 

#8 - I acknowledged that I have doubt and that it's okay, if I practice #5 it dissipates.  It's all about the practice of living in His presence!  Doubt is gone when you are surrounded by His presence.

#9 - I began training as a Spiritual Director.  I'll be sharing more about this next year.  

#10 - Because of #9 I discovered The Enneagram.  OH.MY.GOSH!!!  This book has helped me realize MANY things about myself.  I am a four.  I am naturally vain, a little infatuated with being different and death(weird, I know right?).  My root sin in jealousy.  I could go on for hours but won't.  Learning these things has helped me accept myself and lean into the Holy Spirit to help me develop the more positive aspects of my personality type.  I highly recommend "The Enneagram from a Christian Perspective" by Richard Rohr.

#11 - I am learning to let go of control.  I cannot force any change.  I can be myself and accept and give love.  This applies even to my children and husband.  My love will influence others more than my words.  

#12 - I have acknowledged that my greatest fear is being all alone.  

#13 - I have become very thankful that I am not all alone.  If everyone in my life left me I would still have God and He isn't going anywhere. 

#14 - My husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary this year and looking back I realize that we are unbelievably blessed in our marriage.  In 20 years we have ebbed and flowed from "in love" to "why the hell did I marry this person?" then back again. Today I am madly, deeply, crazy in love with him and pretty confident he feels the same.  

So there you have it, my year, in a nutshell.  It has been a really really good year.  I would love to hear your highlights!

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