Blazing NEW Trails

What are your new year's resolution?  I ask everyone that, it's a bit of an obsession. Typically I make a long list of things I am going to accomplish and become, completely confident that I will make these things happen.  Sadly enough I cannot remember my resolutions from 2014 although I'm sure I could look at old social media posts and figure it out.  This year is different.  I consciously determined that in the realm of practicality I would love to cook more of my family meals, keeping my husband and restaurants out of my sacred kitchen space.  There may be a couple of more of those practical ideas but my heart is drawn to renewal.

I am in Holy Yoga Master's Training and the information I am taking in is A-MAZ-ING and has inspired me. I won't go into too much detail but my word of the year is NEW.  I want to make space in my life for God to do a NEW thing.  Nope, I'm not throwing out the old, the things in my life that are comforting are not bad, quite the contrary.  However scripture talks about God doing a NEW thing.  "See I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?  I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland."  Isaiah 43:19

The past year I have felt as though our country is in a wilderness and possibly a wasteland.  I believe that the healing that comes to this land will start in individual hearts and will be in this new thing.  We have found so many ways to divide ourselves, each person thinking their way is the "right" way.  I am inviting this NEWness into my life, and hope you will do the same.  Imagine if we could honor each other, not necessarily agree on everything but genuinely hear and love one another.  There are so many areas of difference that this can be applied.....things as serious as race, sexual orientation, religion, and politics to lighter, yet equally dividing things like choices of diet, exercise, how to raise/feed children, healthcare, and so many more.  When I think about these things it feels as though we look for things to divide us instead of things to unite us.  

I would love to say I have a plan to promote the love of Christ in this country but I really don't.  I realize that the only thing I can do is allow God to work in me.  To blaze new trails in my heart and my mind.  To open doors to love where love has not been.  To be an agent for reconciliation in whatever way He wants me to be.  Alone I know I can make a ripple in the water.  Hopefully many of us will begin to walk our path with an overflowing love that spills into the wilderness and wasteland and together we will make powerful waves.  



Yes, I'm a Southern White Girl writing about Racism!

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