Everyone is Welcomed to the Table

There have been a few themes that God has placed heavily on my heart over the last year.  One being the truth that we are all invited into relationship with Him.  My heart has been repeatedly broken over the hurts that have been caused by well meaning, or so I hope, Christians.  Words hurt!  May we all find a way to show love, the kind that Jesus showed and continues to show.  How did we get so off track of what Jesus really came to bring.....freedom!!!  Yes absolutely from sin but also from judgement, anger, hate.    

Hate is rooted in fear.  Perfect love casts out fear!  If you would like to hear a message I shared at my church on this subject click here.  I feel that open communication about things we fear is the best way to find love.  I would love to chat with you if your heart is open to change.  If you simply want to share your hate, I am not open to discussion.  Racism, homophobia, sexism, etc. are not what Jesus came representing.  He is LOVE!  

Jesus the Unexpected Redeemer

Meditation 101