Taking Up Space

Sculpture gardens fascinate me. I recently went to one with a few girlfriends and we had such a great time. We laughed and talked about the possible meaning behind each piece. It's a gift to have friends that are also great artists and thinkers, bringing so much color to conversations. They tend to think and speak with no fear of being seen as "weird". (Sidenote: I get called weird every single day by my 14 year old. It has become a term of endearment. HAHA.)

I am easily moved emotionally. I was most affected by a large bronze of a woman standing on the torso of a man and holding a tiny child. She was abnormally large in comparison to her counterparts. Something about this woman captured my mind and I am beginning to understand why she enchanted me. 

She is taking up space. She is not shrinking back. She is not crushing her husband, or whoever it is she is standing on, he is supporting her and she is allowing him to support her as she embraces who she is. She is holding a tiny child that represents the world that she takes care of without losing herself. She is so many women I know and admire. She is me. She doesn't care if some do not like her, she likes herself. God more than likes her, He actually loves her. 

We do not have to live a life that anyone defines for us. We get to define and design our own life. We cannot always choose our circumstances but we CAN choose what we think of them and how we are going to show up in this one life we are given.

We do not have to fit a mold society would love to keep us safely contained in. We can be quiet and shy or loud and outgoing. We can rage, fight, be silent, yell, cry, be stoic, tender, angry, or any other emotion or action that our body and mind needs to express itself. But we cannot shrink back. We were not made to be small, shoulders slumping to protect our hearts.

We arrived here kicking and screaming and somewhere along the way we learned that we needed to stop that commotion. Maybe we need to once again kick and scream. Maybe we need to dance and shout. We may need to scream our tears and laugh our joy with loud sounds, or maybe whispers, our volume doesn't matter. We do not need to stay small. We must take up our space. You and I were created to take up space. To know that our voice matters. Rise friends and lift your voices in whatever way your soul needs it to sound. You were made for such a time as this. Move towards freedom. It may feel painful and messy but it is beautiful. 

You will be too much for some and not enough for others, yet to a handful of people you are just right. They are your people. Find them. Love them. Show up for them. Let them show up for you. Most of all show up for yourself. You are worthy of so much love. It is already there for you. Allow it to free you. 

Big love,


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