The Next YES, My Method for Goal Setting

The Next YES, My Method for Goal Setting

Coaches are all about goal setting. I get it. I agree, in some ways. However, every time I set a long term goal I feel a sense of push back. This thought that says "you aren't going to stick with that", leaving me feeling like a failure. I have given myself plenty of evidence to support that thought throughout my life. Now, I am older, wiser. I realize that thought does not serve me and create the feelings I want. So some things have changed. 

I am now a goal setter but it looks different than many people would expect, especially in the coaching world. I now set short term goals that I rock out. One of the biggest shifts in my life came when I realized that setting and accomplishing the goal is not the focus, setting and accomplishing the goal is making me into a person that sets and accomplishes goals. Losing weight was so hard in the past because I could talk myself into reasons that it was shallow to even worry about. I now realize that, although vanity and wanting to look good in jeans is shallow, becoming a person that sets a goal and reaches it is not shallow. I am training myself for a better life. 

With that said, I still do not like setting long-term specific goals. I do have some general ones that are more of dreams that I am expecting to come true, which I think is CRUCIAL to my well being. (If you aren't dreaming I highly recommend it!) Yet I have found that I do best just focusing on my "next YES". 

Some people on  this planet know who they want to become when they are young and are driven to make it happen. Those people freak me out. I am not those people. I have lots of them in my life though and spent most of my life jealous that I am not amongst them. Now I realize I am exactly who I was created to be. I am a "next yes" person. Sometimes the people that I speak of look at "next yes" people and don't understand why we can't figure out this life thing. Why we have done a million things and seem so restless. I finally have discovered the answer..... It's just because our "next yes" will lead us to the exact spot we are supposed to be.

I don't have to know what I will be doing in five years because I decided to believe that God is smarter than me and will lead me with the "next yes" I move towards. I was created to be this slightly eccentric being so I can trust what is happening within me.

I DO HAVE TO show up to my daily, weekly, monthly, and maybe even yearly goals because no one is going to do it for me except. We are given a brilliant mind to figure some things out! If you are "praying about" losing 20 pounds you will not lose 20 pounds. I'm not saying don't pray, I am saying pray and do something too. Of course, this goes well beyond weight loss, that's simply an easy goal to pick on. 

I will pose the question to you.....What is your "next yes"? What is the excuse you are using to not move towards it? Write down the excuses. Throw that piece of paper away and move forward. Say YES!!!! You will be so happy you did. 

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