Merry Messy Christmas!

In 22 years of marriage I've never sent a picture Christmas card. It's complicated, blended families, I'll never believe different. I have received hundreds of friends cards through the years and wondered what "normal" would be like. Sometimes wishing..... I decided that this year would be different.

My stepson, Michael, was scheduled to get out of jail December 17th and his brother would be home from New York for two days. I told my husband and other two boys to be prepared for a family pic. We would be missing Cap, our daughter in law, which sucked but I wanted this one Christmas pic because life has shown me that opportunities are rare and I have to take what I can. Long story short, Michael fell off a ladder 2 days before his release. He broke both wrists and an elbow. Had a long surgery and will have an even longer recovery.

This is my Christmas pic. Taken by Mike, the patriarch of a family that I wouldn't trade for ANYTHING on this planet. Life is messy, and sometimes it seems hard. Messy and hard are the currency of beautiful. Instead of these boys getting dressed up for a nice pic they SHOWED UP for a brother that they love, NO MATTER WHAT!!! That's what Christmas is about for me. Sometimes shit hits the fan, then we simply love. That's not complicated! I'm thinking the manger smelled more like the stuff hitting the fan than peppermint mocha. I'm really glad God showed up for us. May your Christmas be filled with messy, hard, beautiful love. You are worth Jesus showing up. You are loved!

Big Love,



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A Week In, Do You Need to Restart Yet?

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