Deep and Shallow

Howdy hey friends! I have recently decided to start adding a little more diversity to my blog. I have been ultra focused on personal growth, from a spiritual, emotional, and mental perspective. The last few months I have been moving into a new home we built, trying my hand at a sales job (not pretty), and practicing lots of yoga. A theme that has been going through my mind on repeat lately has been "Is this creating more beauty in my life?". If it isn't then what is it creating? 

A few things that are creating beauty in my life right now are meditations and yoga practice where I feel connected with the Divine. Equally important has been decorating my house, organizing my closet, admiring an awesome red lipstick. Tomorrow it will be getting my hair cut and colored. I have come to realize that I can be deep AND shallow. It's ALL good! That is a strangely wonderful realization. So much freedom there!!!!

Years ago I wrote a blog about food and home and fun stuff. I miss that light time. There is so much beauty and joy in creating a beautiful, peaceful home, cooking a delicious meal, finding a new hobby. Somewhere along the way I decided that those endeavors weren't so valuable. The last couple of years have been constant deep thoughts, deep talks, trying to understand why I exist. Perhaps I had to shift to an extreme to balance out. I was a little too shallow for a little too long. I'm moving back to center though. I get to have a life filled with both. How fun!!!!!

I've decided to lighten this space up a bit, at least some of the time. I will be blogging soon about the new home we recently built and telling about my design philosophy. I'll also be (V)logging about creating a personal home yoga space and practice. My 14 year old son, who is an aspiring chef, and I may even share a recipe or two. I'll tell you how I got to my pre-pregnancy weight and it ONLY took me 20 years;).

What is my "why?" in this? To inspire all of us to find more beauty in our lives. What if we really could be anywhere on Earth and on our personal life's journey and be amazed by the beauty in front of us? I believe that is something we get to choose. I hope you'll join me in choosing that! 

Big Love,


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