Fellowship of Women

What if we didn't wake up wondering if we were enough or too much?

What if we no longer compared every aspect of our lives to another's?

What if the pleasure that can be found on the landscape of our flesh were not cousins with the shame that causes the same to shrink back and hide?

What if we didn't need to fight for our rights because we lived in them? Not fighting patriarchy with masculine energy but allowing the feminine power we have been hiding to rise and shine.

What if were not afraid of our vanity and embraced the wearing of pearls and red lipstick, then danced and twirled dresses, proud of the woman we are without glancing down our nose at anyone unlike us.

What if we didn't step on a scale to determine our worth but looked into a mirror and fell in love with everything looking back?

I write this as a prayer. I write this as a proclamation. I write knowing that the approval I seek from the sisterhood of women will never come until I lay down the weapons I wield against my own soul. Knowing that the judgements we form of others are only a mirror to the fears of darkness within ourselves. Imagining a day that I come to see divinity in every woman, myself included. Not the vision of divinity we have been given by a society that tells women that to be equal we must be the same. The power of the woman that is happy to live in her full potential and passion, whether that is in a board room, class room, kitchen or bedroom.

I seek a community of women that are authentic enough to share their pain and their power. Women that are no longer content to stay stuck in the mire of feeling like they are less than anything. Women that have discovered that the power they possess is holy and does not exclude any part of themselves, brain, body, nor spirit. Each divinely ordered and intelligent.

I yearn for a fellowship of women that dance with abandon, letting go of generations of rigid instructions and embracing the wisdom of women before us that relished and shared freedom. Letting go of who we should be in a society that has no idea who they even are. Women that have become aware of our divinely appointed power and no longer bow to soul poverty. 

Let us be free. Let us take up each others cause. Fight with our feminine power. Live as women turned on and tuned in, to our bodies and intuition. Willing to relish pleasure and release the fear of pain. Women that are not attached to the judgement anyone would place on our shoulders. Letting go of who we should be and embracing who we are.  

Lucky in Love

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