I Refuse to Work Out

I was an athlete when I was young. I was not a good athlete. I did however, run up and down a basketball court with coaches yelling like mad at me.  "Push yourself! Go faster! Work harder!" I have no idea why I continued to choose to be on that team because I despised the yelling and the pushing. One year I even ran cross country. I hated it so much that I would pray to step into a hole and sprain my ankle so I could stop. Oh my goodness, the internal drama. 

My family has always been into fitness. Once the local newspaper wrote an article about us running a local annual race together. All seven of us were lined up for the picture in order of height. This race was a 10k. Ummm, this was misery for me but I was determined to finish, and I did, slowly, but I did. 

Fast forward 28 years.... I have tried every exercise class and activity I possibly could, well I haven't tried pole dancing yet, it is on my list though! At one point I decided to train for a marathon. I made it to being able to run 8 miles at a time then one day I was just done. I walked to my car and didn't run again for years.

Eventually I discovered yoga and things began to change. I've written before about why yoga changed my perception so I won't rehash it here but I will describe to you how it is that I live a very physically active life, maintain a healthy, (sort of) fit body, and receive all the physical benefits of exercise.

I refuse to call anything exercise. Yes, I am a tad bit crazy but a good thing to do is to really really know yourself. This is something I am quite good at. I know that I am a rebel to my core. That if I think I have to do something I will probably not do it. I play some serious head games with myself. It may be crazy friends but it works and that's all that matters. 

My physical activity routine is this.......yoga 3-4 times a week, daily walk/jog. NEVER in this lifetime would I have thought I could pull this off. I remember reading Shape magazine and in the stories about women and weight loss they would describe their workout, which sounded a lot like what I just mentioned. I would just shake my head and say a resounding "nope" to myself. Nobody's got time for that. So what's my secret? How am I pulling this off without calling it exercise. By the way, I'm not making this up, I really am kind of crazy. 

Yoga is my spiritual practice. I totally see it as me spending time with God. It doesn't matter if I am doing an intense practice or if I am doing an extremely gentle practice....spiritual practice. Yoga is me showing up to be transformed from the inside out. This works really well for me. I have no problem getting on my mat!

I am literally addicted to information. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks a lot. Like a lot a lot. I do not walk I bring my dog to potty and listen to my daily dose of information. I crave this time. I cannot stand to miss it. I was walking for an hour each day. That eventually led to me walking and jogging, just because my dog needs a little more intense exercise. I am NOT doing cardio, my dog is. The fact that my heart rate increases enough to improve my health is a side bonus.  

My point in telling you all this is not to bring attention to my insanity. It is to say, figure out what is keeping you from getting off the couch or out of the bed a little earlier. Either find something you love or find a way to love something that brings more movement into your life. I love novelty so I will try any kind of class, chances are good that I won't stick with them, but I'll try anything once for fun. However, my weekly practices, yoga and walk/jogging, are definite. That way if I do nothing else at least those are done. Use whatever crazy psychology needed to get moving. Forget about looking good in a swimsuit if that isn't important. Do it because you will feel a shift in your energy. You will feel more excitement for life. You will feel proud of yourself no matter what you used to get yourself moving. Let go of all the excuses and the "one day when...."s and do it! I can absolutely promise you that you will be so happy you did. 

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