Ego Trip

When I first started practicing yoga it was all about the pose. If I could ever make it look just right I could take a picture and post it. I was new to every aspect of yoga and my spirituality was about an inch deep.

After a few years, yeah, I learn slow, I realized that taking pictures in yoga poses is very un-yoga-ish. Yoga is all about “letting go of the ego”.

Eventually I began to realize that I was very proud of my “non-yoga-pose-posting” self. Hmmmm, how evolved I must be. Boom, there was ego.

So my discovery, and part of my process of becoming more and more and more free, is that our ego isn’t going anywhere. Also, that I kind of like my ego. If it weren’t for her I would probably be less healthy and motivated to be my healthiest best self.

I have decided to be a very good friend to my ego. She was there all along and I was pushing her away, as if she didn’t belong. I know now EVERYTHING BELONGS.

I’ve even gone so far as to taking inventory of the good things this ego of mine has done for me. I call this my ego trip. Trips to me aren’t a bad thing, they are not a stumbling block but an adventure to explore.

So, I doubt I’ll be posting yoga-selfies too much, but it won’t be because I’m so proud of my ego-less-ness. Instead it’s because getting those pics are hard y’all. I’m kind of impressed with the people that have the patience to make that happen. Hahaha.

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