Word of the Year

I spent way too many years making lists of goals and resolutions. I decided to change that last year.

I decided instead to look at my goals and resolutions and see what I really wanted. I realized that I wanted a life full of adventure and excitement. Then I simply opened up to a word that would sum up the desires. The word was “JUICY”. I made a vision board focused on this word. My kids cringed.

My word was extremely clear and I wasn't giving it up no matter how embarrassing it was. The word represented a way of being, not necessarily experiences. I wanted my life to feel like you feel when you eat a super sweet peach, perfectly in season, and the juice runs down your arm and you don't even care because it is so good. I had no idea how this would happen I just knew it was a quality I desired really deeply. 

Well, the intention was met. Through trainings this year, I learned about consciousness and being TOTALLY present to every moment. I learned that I can have amazingly happy days and terribly depressing days. Both belong and both are equally juicy as long as I am bringing awareness and presence to them. Last night my hubby asked me what "consciousness" meant. He obviously realizes I'm not talking about simply being unconscious or physically sleeping. Here was my explanation. 

To me, it is like going to the gas station. Maybe you go every week. If you are not conscious you may not even remember you went. You have no recollection of the experience. You don't notice anything particular about it. If you are truly conscious in the experience of getting gas you notice your surroundings. What you see, you notice the smell, the taste in the air, the way the gas pump feels in your hand, the sounds around you. 

Obviously, getting gas isn't a big deal. I don't think we have to do all of that to have a good day. I can't say I've ever done that while getting gas. Yet imagine if you did that when you sat down to dinner with your family? You noticed it all. You paid deep attention and absorbed the gravity of the perfection at that moment. Imagine doing this while having a conversation with your husband, or child, or friend. Imagine doing this when you go on a walk in nature. Yeah.... it's transformational. Practicing presence. 

I have a couple of words I’m considering for 2019. I know that whatever I land on will happen. Whatever you focus on increases so notice what you focus your mind on. It will make a huge difference in your life. Choose your thoughts when you can.

Think about what you think about!

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