Sacred Circles

Last week I went to a coach training retreat in Sayulita, Mexico. I am currently in a 600 hour sex, love, and relationship coach training. Super exciting!!! There are so many things I could share but some things cannot be described, they are only to be felt. That is something I can only hope some of you find.

Healing for old wounds. Melting of the numbness that so often results from those wounds. The exquisite beauty to be found in each of our bodies are available to each of us.

I pray you find the courage to one day close your eyes, breathe deeply, and begin to explore the scary spaces that you may be pretending aren't there. Deep inside broken hearts and spirits.

One of the things I can share and recommend is that you create a Sacred Circle of Sisterhood. 

What does that look like? It is simply three to six (or more) women gathering on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis to go more than surface deep. 

We have lived our relationship in the shallows long enough. Don't misunderstand me, I LOVE the shallows. The clothes, the hair and makeup, the movies and music, the books. All those things fill up our conversations and give us connecting points. Without them what would we talk about?  I agree. Don't stop having them. Just consider adding to that. Adding a layer of depth that reveals a bit of our soul to each other. How desperate each of us are to be witnessed. To be seen. Social media is such proof of that!

Place a hand on your heart and close your eyes and ask yourself who your Sacred Circle could consist of. Send them this post and invite them to go deep with you. I know it's awkward at first. If you never get uncomfortable you will never experience the magic life has to offer. It's so worth the awkward discomfort. 

Determine a place and time. Get together and use the graphic I've created. Follow it closely. 

Notice if you are tempted to go into gossip or surface level conversations. That is resistance. Notice if you are judging others. That is really you judging yourself. Find the love. Find the ability to be totally present with another. This is a practice. It may be really hard for a while but just like any other practice you will begin to develop the emotional and spiritual muscle required to do this. 

Let me know how this goes. There are few things I say this about but.... this practice WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 

Peace and big love friends! 

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