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Hi friends. I wanted to share what exactly is going on in my life. Not because I think the world cares but because I am doing something that I am convinced can help the world. 

For the last 10 months I have been in training to become a Sex, Love, and Relationship coach. This is a 600 hour training that is very intense and profound. It has changed my life. 

_I like to think of two people in a conscious love relationship as companion stars. Each person is a unique individual ablaze with potential. One is just as important as the other, and together, they form a greater w.jpg

I have struggled with what my business will look like. Calling myself a Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach is daunting. I have considered leaving off the word "sex". It's too much. It's too provocative. It will get unwanted attention. It will attract creepy people. These are things I have told myself. They are simply my fear and resistance speaking, two things that will not make decisions for me. 

This is what I have finally come to. Sex is part of life. Being raised in the Bible belt has conditioned me to believe that even saying that word publicly is a sin. Well, that just isn't true.

I believe that avoiding talking about sex, in honest and healthy ways, has led to sexual dysfunction in our country including rape, molestation, and porn addiction to name a few. All things that destroy families. I believe healthy families equates to a healthier world.

I have personally learned that by talking about things that seem impossible to talk about brings healing. Exposing darkness to light changes everything. 

What we resist persists. When we stop avoiding uncomfortable topics, expose the darkness surrounding sexuality, change will happen. Sex will become a source of deep connection instead of a point of contention. 

With all of that said, the greater focus of my coaching is on love and relationships. I believe that radical, unconditional self love leads to incredible relationships. That has proven true for me. My passion is to help couples, especially in midlife, a time that crisis is knocking at the door, find the most connection they have ever had. 

I believe that THESE are the best years of our lives. 

I want to help individuals and couples experience the best life possible. Not settle for mundane, mediocre lives. I believe that magic is to be had and midlife is the perfect time to begin experiencing it. 

I would love for you to check out my website and learn more. 


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