Thoughts on Thoughts

Do thoughts create reality? Is this New Age thinking? Is this something that is dangerous to believe? Is this unChristian? 

I made the statement on a post that thoughts create reality and I was told that it was "New Age gaslighting". Ouch...

I've learned that when something hurts it only hurts because something in me believes it is true. Therefore I can't roll my eyes and ignore it, exploration is necessary. 

1. Do thoughts create reality?

I designed the house I live in before it was actually built. I thought of the design. I saw it in my mind before the slab was ever poured.

When I think the thought that I love someone, the reality becomes that I love them.

I thought of getting a dog before we got the dog.

I could go on and on and on and on. You get the picture. Nothing exists that wasn't thought of first.

On the other hand....

If I think about the money I don't have I continue to not have. 

If I think about how I hate my body, my body stays in the condition that it hates.

If I think about how dirty my house is without thinking about how it will look clean it will stay dirty.

Bottom line.... negative thoughts create negative reality. Positive thoughts create positive reality. 

2. Is this New Age thinking?

Who cares?

Okay, that isn't a good enough answer for those of you that knew me when the term "New Age" sent me running. This term freaks some people out. I remember being petrified to do yoga because I might get a demon. Even saying that makes me blush right now. So ridiculous. But, the fear is very real. I have felt it before. I really do understand. Religious conditioning does funny things to the brain. 

I do not ever want to try to convince someone that something is okay or not okay, only you can do that for yourself. I am not a Bible scholar or teacher (anymore) but one of the things the best teachers have taught me is that to come to a place of true understanding you have to experience and learn for yourself. Allowing man-made labels determine if something is for you or no is not empowering at all. 

I believe that Truth is truth no matter what label it has. Most holy teachings share numerous common messages. If you are Christian would you stop praying because Muslims pray? Stop fasting because Buddhists fast? Not practice yoga because Hindus practice yoga? In my experience, I have found it best to learn from each other and stop living in fear.

So.... is the idea that thoughts create reality New Age? Who cares if it is. It's true and yes, some things are true whether you believe them or not. Pay attention to what you have been thinking about and notice how those thoughts are affecting your life. 

3. Is this something that is dangerous to believe? 

My opinion is that it is dangerous not to believe it. Why keep living your life haphazardly? When you believe that your thoughts create your reality you will naturally become more intentional about your thoughts. 

4. Is this unChristian? 

No. Simple answer. I could go into a long, scripture filled commentary that would be annoying to me to write and annoying to you to read. If this is contrary to your beliefs and you think I am a heretic you will find a way to continue to think that no matter how many scriptures I quote. That's what we do. We decide on a belief then our brain looks for things to support that belief. 

However, if you are truly seeking answers to this question here is a book that may help you. 

Let me clear.......I do not think that thoughts are a magic pill that will get us treasures instantly. I do think that by attending to the thoughts that we focus on we can live healthier, happier, more whole lives.

Thinking about a clean house will not clean our house. The thought is the beginning but we cannot get the result we want without beginning with the thought. 

We can dream big and realize those dreams by connecting our thoughts with the work required to achieve them. 

Happy thinking! 


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