What You Focus on Expands

I have a personal belief that we are all born with seeds of everything.







Sexiness (fav)


Etc. the list could be a mile long.

The seeds get watered. By caretakers. By educators. By society. Mostly unintentional.

Some things grow and become controlling forces in our lives before we are mature enough to bring consciousness to them. Eventually we get the opportunity to tend the garden of our souls.

We get to decide where we focus. But many of us never decide we just focus. Although we are not all dealt the same cards, we are all equipped with the same ability to choose a focus. It’s our choice. If we choose negativity we will have a negative experience.

I have never met a person that was going through difficulty that chose to focus on the positive regret that decision, regardless of outcome.

Ashes will become beauty but only if we focus on the possibility of beauty.

If all we see are ashes then we will turn to dust with ashes on our mind.

If you want to grow in love, joy, peace, sexiness, abundance, bliss, you name it, start bringing awareness to where it already exists in you. Notice it. Call it out. Every single day. Be the love, joy, peace, sexiness, abundance, bliss, you name it. Don’t wait for something external to tell you it’s there. There is already a seed of it within. Water it with focus. Feel deep gratitude for what you have been given. Then it will multiply.

Try it and you will see. Give it a month. What quality do want most? Write it down and start giving it your focus. See what happens. Then write to me and tell me about it.

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