Are you ready to heal…

From shutdown and shame to experiencing being sexually alive, vibrant, and whole?

From disconnected and broken to unconditionally loving yourself?

From bound by conditioning and rule following to true freedom and living a life you are in love with?


If the answer is “YES! YES! YES!” …Welcome. I can help!

“Working with Nicole is honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She taught me how to replace man-made religion with knowing and experiencing God in every cell of my being. I learned how to heal blocked emotions that were stuck, holding me back from living life to the FULL. I see so many people holding onto their hurts, pain, and trauma- they love to talk about it, but rarely do the emotional work to heal it. Those stuck traumas WILL take root and wreck your life, your health, your happiness. I’m forever thankful for Nicole and her selfless work in inspiring and helping others achieve their dreams!”
— Catherine
“Nicole instantly made me feel at ease in her presence, like an old friend that I could be myself with, free to open up and trust with my deepest fears and insecurities. By being so authentic herself, she gave me the permission to do the same. The love and attention that she radiates is so healing. I am so grateful for her gifts!”

— Shelly
“I have seen Nicole due to a divorce. She has an extraordinary talent for helping those with life’s ups and downs. She utilizes techniques that keep you focused on the task at hand. Nicole is kind, gentle, and compassionate. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of help.”
— Kevin
“As a Christ-follower, when it comes to sexuality, it can be hard to seek help when you need it most. We sometimes have this mentality that sex is private and sexual issues within your relationship are often subconsciously suppressed. If you are longing for true freedom to express yourself fully within your marriage.... if you’ve maybe never had the spark you wanted or if you feel you’ve lost it, reach out to Nicole. For me, it was a life-changing move. True, LASTING passion is there for anyone who chooses it, sometimes we just need guidance to learn how to fully embrace it.”
— Kiesha