Have you ever considered living a life filled with passion, love, freedom, joy, connection, and even bliss?

Has your life become a series of days that are filled with monotony but you just cannot imagine anything different?

It can be different. You can create a life that is exactly what you want.

The key is knowing how to create it then following the process and practices that will get you there.

The first step is to figure out what you want.

Better body. Better sex. Better marriage. More money.

Why do you want that? What will you have once you get it?

Everything we want is represented by something external but there is always a desire under that desire. Everything you need to get this is already within you. You simply need the tools for discovery.

Desire is a path to growth. Realizing what our deeper desires are, uncovering the beliefs that are keeping them at bay, then learning to integrate the parts of yourself that are afraid of living a passion-filled life are the key to create and living the life you want.

I can help you uncover those desires and realize them.

So often we strive for external things to fill internal needs. We may achieve the external goal and find ourselves still lacking.

When we do the work to realize the deeper desire the external things naturally come. This is REVOLUTIONARY!

How do I help you experience the fulfillment of these internal desires?

By teaching you to manage your mind, uncover limiting beliefs, and tap in to what you want the most and creating an internal environment that supports that desire. A big part of this is not only looking at conscious thoughts but also helping you uncover the deep subconscious body/mind pieces. This is what sets my coaching apart from mindset coaching. There is always more to the story and I want to help you live the story of your dreams!

I have discovered what it means to live a filled life TO THE BRIM with my desires and I want to help you do the same.

A life that totally lights you up. Turns you on. That you are fully and completely present to and engaged in. Every moment filled with richness. Not afraid of pain or of pleasure. Knowing that everything belongs and is welcome.

Does this sound impossible? It isn’t.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. – Anais Nin (2).jpg


——”Everything you ever wanted.” That’s what she is selling. How is that possible? We all want different things in this life, how does she know how to guide all of us to exactly what we want? The truth is, she can’t. What she can do is guide us into realizing why we want what we think we want, and assist us in understanding our full potential and innate worthiness. My personal journey with Nicole started at a point of absolute “okayness”. Everything was “good enough” in my life, and frankly, I did not believe I was capable of, or even deserved more. However, I was drawn in by her genuine excitement over her newfound freedom and her passion to share her journey with others. I decided to give the coaching a try. I was not looking forward to the feeling of vulnerability I expected to have, but I immediately felt enveloped by Nicole’s compassion and understood that my vulnerability was welcomed. All of me was welcomed. Every thought, every feeling, has a place at this time, and she is there to walk me through them. She listened without judgement and offered encouragement when needed. She taught me skills and techniques to apply in different situations to take control of my thoughts, or even change them altogether. I’m still new to the practices I’ve learned from Nicole, and I have a way to go, but for the first time, I can now feel like everything is more than okay. I can see that I have the ability to accomplish what I once thought was out of reach. She successfully sold me “everything I ever wanted”.


—-Nicole helped me to step out of mommy overwhelm to get fresh perspective. She helped me to identify and get to the core of what I want to experience and I’m now walking out the process of realizing it. Through her coaching I’ve learned to focus on the positive instead of being overwhelmed with the lack of what I’m so desperately wanting. I highly recommend working with her. 


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