The processes I use and practices I teach will TRANSFORM you!

Yes, I realize that is a strong statement, but it is true.

If you have searched for something that would give you what you want and found yourself still wanting this is the missing link.

Maybe, like me, you’ve invested time and even money in learning how to change. You’ve read books and blogs. You’ve watched videos. Your head is so filled with knowledge.

Here is a major key that I have realized…..

Knowledge is power but transformation comes from practices.

The coaching techniques that I use will move you from knowledge to embodiment! From hoping, wishing, should-ing, to experiencing.

To experience transformation you must experience a new way of being on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. That is what I will lead you into and teach you how to do for yourself so that you create the life you desire for the remainder of your life. One of the things I love about this methodology is that once you learn it and practice it, you can use it in any area of life.

You will not need me forever! I don’t want you to. I want to teach you tools that you can implement and share for the rest of your life.

I want you to experience what if feels like to be passionately in love with your life!

I want to help uncover the thoughts that are keeping you from having what you want. Both in the conscious and subconscious mind.

All great spiritual teachers know…. As you think, you are. Therefore we find new ways to think. Thoughts that are in service to love!


I will teach you to change the internal dialogue. 

I will teach you methods and tools to change these thoughts on the subconscious level. 

My areas of expertise are:


Self Love/Confidence


Money Mindset

I work in person if you are local to Baton Rouge or over the phone.

Investment in your transformation is $100 per session.( I HIGHLY recommend a minimum of 3 sessions)

One session is great and will help you gain clarity on areas that need to be addressed.

Three is much better and you will start to believe transformation is possible.

After 10-12 sessions you will not recognize your life, in a good way.

I would love to have a conversation with how I can coach you to help you create the life you desire. If you are ready to talk about your own TRANSFORMATION let’s have a free consultation call. You can access my online calendar by clicking the link. I look so forward to connecting with you.

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