Maybe you’re thinking….

Really, Nicole???

Fall madly in love with life? That’s a little dramatic and really hard to imagine.

I know. I get it. I’ve been there.

You have the marriage. The kids. The house. The car. The job. Maybe even the picket fence.

You go to church on Sunday. Do volunteer work. Say the prayers.

From the outside looking in, things “should” be fine. You “should” be thankful.

Yet, something is missing.

There is a deep ache you are afraid to admit to anyone, including yourself.

You stay silent hoping you’ll be okay.

Except you aren’t.

But I have really good news…

It is possible to fall madly in love with your life!

For the last 7 years I have been on what I call my “Journey to Freedom”.

I spent the first 40 years of my life desperately searching for contentment, love, and freedom.

It seemed to always be just out of reach. I followed the rules. I fulfilled the duties. I was a good mom and wife.

Yet there was an ache so deep that seemed impossible to heal.

I read the Bible and all of the self -help books.

I became a yoga instructor, a spiritual director, and then a life coach.

I led women’s ministry.

I preached in church, studied for hours upon hours, yet manmade religion wasn’t providing the answers and healing that I needed.

I went through the motions in my marriage but always felt a deep sense of shame in regards to my sexuality.

I dieted and exercised, hoping to fit the mold of what society said I should look like.

Each of those things contributed to my journey but I still found myself aching.

As a life coach, I learned how to “manage my mind” and became quite good at doing so. I was beginning to think I was a bit invincible. That knowing how to change my thoughts was the most powerful tool on earth.

Until… the pain returned. Over and over and over.

How was it possible that I had done all that work and filled my mind with so much information and I was still hurting?

Then I began to learn about the subconscious and how it affects our lives.

I recognized that early conditioning and trauma had affected me more than I ever imagined.

My subconscious mind lived in constant fear of not being loved, safe, or belonging.

I had spent a lifetime searching for these things on the outside, but it was when I realized I needed to look inside to experience deep and lasting change that my life began to truly transform.

I spent a year and a half learning tools to journey into the depths of myself. Training to support others on their own, unique journey.

But more importantly, I began to EMBODY new desired realities by moving information from my thinking brain into my subconscious and body.


Now I am free.

I am whole.

I am love.

I also recognize that there will always be more freedom, wholeness, and love to experience.

There is no “getting there”. Life is a transformation. Constantly growing and changing.

It is the now AND the not yet.

I don’t have to wait until “one day when….”.


This has truly changed EVERYTHING about my life.

This man, Mike, my lover(husband) for 25 years is my biggest fan!

This man, Mike, my lover(husband) for 25 years is my biggest fan!

I have learned to be totally present. To connect deeply with my kids.

I realize now that I am a powerful woman. I do not have to play small and live in scarcity. I can create exactly what I want in my life and embody true deep confidence.

I have replaced manmade religion with knowing and experiencing God in every cell of my being.

My body is no longer something that I punish with diet and exercise. My body is something I adore and want to take extremely good care of from a place of love. As a result, I have never felt better or loved my body more.

One of my favorites…I feel whole sexually. This is beyond a miracle. NO MORE SHUTDOWN OR SHAME!!!

I have, indeed, fallen in love with my life!

I want this for you too!!!


I want to use the tools I have learned and the new reality that has transpired within me to help you find freedom for yourself.

Everyone’s journey is personal and looks different.

My role as a coach is to create and hold space for your journey. I work with people of all faiths and backgrounds.

If something inside of you craves the freedom I describe I hope you will say a resounding YES!!!

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Whether we work together or become friends on social media, I am so happy you are here. I hope we connect more than just from a distance.

I believe in your freedom. I believe in your happy ending. I believe you are pure love.