Jesus, Savior

Jesus is our savior. Because of this we are no longer headed to an eternity separated from God but that we get to join Jesus in heaven when this life ends. For most of my life that was the only picture of Jesus the savior to me.

Yes, heaven sounds amazing but that isn’t all there is to it.

 Jesus saved us FROM being separate from God, he also saved us FOR something.

My view of God was so small before. This morning I woke up with a picture in my mind. I was a factory produced mug like you buy at Target. I had a stamp of “saved” and was going into the box to be shipped to a heaven, God was in charge but distant, just barking order from an office above the factory. That was how I once lived my life.

He is the potter we are the clay. My current view is God, the potter, shaping and forming me into a beautiful vessel to fulfill his purpose. There is a big difference in the factory made, plain coffee mug, and the hand-built, exquisite one even if they both may end up in the same place. I choose to experience life as hand-made and exquisite. This creates a very different life experience!

“He who the son has made free is free indeed.” Jesus makes us free indeed. We have been crafted by a loving God that has given us each gifts and talents to bring to the table and experience a life of freedom FOR something.

Yes, we are free FROM the bondage of sin. We are free FROM hell.


We are free FOR kingdom living. Experiencing God here now, not just there later.

We are free FOR recognizing injustice and doing something to bring change.

We are free FOR living lives that embody love and freedom.



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