Do you want an amazing sex life?

I’m guessing you do or you wouldn’t be here. But is this hard to imagine?


Does your sexuality elicit emotions that are painful?







Male sexuality is a complicated thing. Perhaps there are notions of what sex “should” be like in your marriage and it’s far from the reality. Maybe your wife is disconnected or maybe you are. The fear of not performing well or of feeling too vulnerable.

Being a man in this day and time is not an easy task. You are told to respect women. Love her and honor her but what you want doesn’t feel very honorable based upon your conditioning. Perhaps your desires sometimes even frighten you.

Maybe you hide behind a computer screen. You pretend your primal instincts are not there. Yet in the resistance they seem to grow even more powerful. Repression only creating a greater divide between the man you are and the man you truly want to be.

Am I speaking to you yet?

I get it. How?

Because I’ve been married to a man for 25 years and have raised 4 sons. I’ve also spent 600 hours becoming a certified Integrative Sex Coach.

Your sexuality is not evil or wrong. The repression we have been taught throughout the ages has caused so much dysfunction. Porn addiction. Anger. Disconnection.

But there is really good news….

Sexual wholeness and true freedom are available to you!

I can help you on this path to wholeness and freedom.