I believe all of these things are your birth right! You were born with full capacity to experience them. Along the way these things did not leave you. They are still there, maybe in hiding, but there.

Remember when you felt unconditionally loved? Totally connected and free? Do you remember when your body was capable of blissful pleasure with no shame attached?

Probably not.

Chances are it was before conscious memory. Before you learned that pain, disconnect, shut down, and shame were much more societally accepted. Before you began believing that living fully expressed and empowered sexually threatened your sense of belonging.

My dream, as a coach, is to help you uncover what was meant for you all along.

Sexual wholeness

Unconditional love

True freedom

There are a few ways to experience my coaching.

One to One Coaching

I coach individuals either in my home office located in Baton Rouge or using Zoom.

Both are equally effective.

To schedule a free 45 minute discovery call click here. We will have a conversation to uncover your goals and if we are a coaching fit.

Online Courses

I will be releasing my first online course October 28th.

Transformed by Love

This will be a 28 day program designed to completely transform your mind and body using love. Bringing it from an idea or mental concept to an embodied experience. To make sure you are aware of the release be sure to sign up to be on my email list.

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If you are not quite ready to engage and want to just learn from a distance, I understand and you are so welcome to do so. I am always here if you have a question or comment. I’m pretty fearless so don’t be scared to ask or say anything. I will handle it with love.

The best place to find me is on my personal facebook page Nicole Holland Green. I share almost daily inspiration via video, writing, or just a picture that I hope gives you an idea of who I am and what I am about. If you vibe with me I hope you will connect and let me know.